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Poetry for Protestors: A Site for Sore Eyes and Strong Hearts

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

When I came up with the idea for Poetry for Protestors, it was sometime in 2019. I wanted to create an outlet for poets to express themselves about the world we’re living in and the people on the frontlines of social struggles who come from all walks of life.

I had no idea that a deadly virus would halt us all in our tracks and render our daily routines obsolete.

I’ve recently had to get my bearings, but I didn’t forget about the mission of this site. I think this is something that is needed more than ever.

During the current coronavirus crisis I questioned the true meaning of a protest. The ones I’ve felt impacted by the most have championed the poor, people of color and disenfranchised folks across the globe. Never did I think organized protests to return to society in the middle of a pandemic would have legs. But they do. I also didn't fathom we'd be simultaneously fighting through a global health crisis and speaking out against the recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd; all unarmed African American citizens killed in racially charged incidents.

These are just a few topics that will be explored here on Poetry for Protestors.

I have always believed that when the human collective raises its voice and takes actionable steps toward equality, the world is positively changed. Poetry has an important role in this process. It helps us to see the issues that haunt us more clearly and put them into perspective.

Most importantly, poetry keeps us connected to our humanity. In these uncertain and volatile times, this is vital and very necessary.

If enough of us engage in civil discourse and tell the truth about our world through commentary and poetry, we can work to spark connections and understanding that can help us repair the wounds of the past.

If you’re a poet that wants to share your voice on the issues of the day, please get in touch.

Also, if you would like to support the current efforts for justice and change, the Good Black News site has compiled some helpful resources.

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